Evaluation of “The Happiness Challenge”

Rubin is entertaining in her account of this venture, the place she devotes a complete yr to the pursuit of extra happiness. Every month a special purpose is about, and by the top she comes off as a a lot happier, fulfilled individual.

Good for Rubin. I alternatively have my reservations about making an attempt too arduous for one thing that’s supposed to come back naturally. Sometimes the narrative reminds of the “Holy Grail of Happiness”. Over-thinking causes pointless stress, and there’s no cause to not consider why over-thinking about happiness could be any completely different.

Unhappiness is key to human nature. As ironic because it sounds, feeling down could also be a necessity for increased ranges of satisfaction. Solely after we are starved do we discover that meals tastes heavenly; solely after we are blue do we discover that the little issues make our day. We would have been much less completely happy if we weren’t moody to start with. Think about our lives have no idea emotions of dejection, despair and unhappiness and solely pleasure. How many people would need it that means?

Just a little rain makes the sunshine brighter. Fretting over being completely happy is unquestionably not the best way to attain true happiness. The crux could be idling round and permitting serendipity to seek out you, a technique or one other. Solely we will relieve our personal minds of a fear; exterior affect isn't going to assist very a lot if we ourselves don’t see the purpose in letting go of sure issues.

Purposefully devoting one month to seek out happiness in small steps appears a little bit too meticulous and calculating to me. Being completely happy shouldn't be such a tedious and draining course of. The right and relaxed mindset will make the method simpler, save all the trouble.