What’s on Your Jetson’s Listing?

You've most likely heard about making a “Bucket Listing” of thrilling adventures you'd wish to expertise. I’ve had many issues that I’ve gratefully checked off mine: Swimming with wild dolphins (AWESOME), skydiving (anytime once more!), Bungee-jumping (by no means once more !!), sizzling air ballooning (thanks mum), and even having kids (sure it’s an journey). So I used to be plateau-ing in my new adventures … I reside in a heat paradise like I’m on everlasting vacation and I’ve not been climbing new mountains. It's simply been a gradual journey for fairly some time (aside from my new cruising adventures !!)

Someday, I observed one thing about my considering perspective. I used to be watching the brand new films of Star Trek and I might see a future San Francisco superimposed onto my present recollections. When you’ve got learn Pace ​​Manifesting ™ you'll acknowledge the Key to Pace ​​there.

Properly it occurred to me that in my private every day imagining, it was not a future in any respect – it was simply extra of the identical outdated world, with totally different adventures, issues and kinds of relationships. So I contemplated what a future 20-30 years from now could be like, primarily based on the present pace of know-how and communication in our work, relationships and family.

And that introduced up one other want – why does my house nonetheless look basically like my grandparent's house constructed 65 years in the past? Similar partitions, identical plugs, identical doorknobs, identical structure. The place is all the brand new know-how contained in the construction of our houses? Why don't now we have partitions that gather daylight and glow again at evening? Why don't now we have different improvements inside the structure and constructing of our homes? It's not due to prices, and I noticed rapidly that it’s standardization, constructing codes, suppression and safety of conventional industries.

No matter. I would like new!

So I stepped again and used the one few reference factors I do know.

1. Star Trek

2. George Jetson

I do know you might be laughing at me proper now, I can hear you!

However severely, the place are my conveyor belts, Rosie the Robotic, portal-elevators and anti-grav vehicles? Now we have plenty of new know-how, however some areas are far behind the improvements.

I then heard my very own voice inform me, “then think about it!”

And so started my new record. I name it my Jetson's record.

Here’s what's on it up to now …

1. Anti-grav zero gas automobile with photo voltaic powered air-con

2. crystal skylights inserted into my roof for pure lighting

3. solar-flowers for electrical energy (sure it exists, it's simply not round)

4. Air-ports which might be PlanetPortal wormholes, taking you wherever you wish to go immediately

5. peace and prosperity world wide by means of know-how

It's enjoyable to stretch my creativeness into larger potentialities, and see a future 20-30 years that will very properly be accessible. I could even get a house stargate portal sooner or later.

What could be in your Jetson's Listing?